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  • Non Existent Self Esteem

    I hardly ever feel at ease with myself. I have always needed appreciation and approval from others to feel good. I wanna get out of this. I want to be comfortable in my own skin without the constant need for approval and appreciation.

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    Hey there daboidub

    Sorry you are feeling like this. You are not a lone so many of us (me included) care a lot about what other peolple think.

    What does it look like when you are looking for approval for you? Because there is nothing wrong with looking for that in others as long as it's not harming others or yourself but when it stops you doing what you want to do or being your authentic self then maybe it can be toxic.

    Do you spend much time alone, I think this could help if you don't. Try just hanging out with yourself and doing exactly what you want to do and don't bother worrying about what anyone else is doing. Cancel plans to stay in and work on a hobby or read a new book. Self-love takes a while but as we know, the best growth happens in discomfort so give it time and be gentle and kind to yourself.

    We're here for you!