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  • I had a weird/cool dream

    There's a guy in the year above me (m17) at school who I noticed looking at me for a few days? weeks? recently. I (f17) did a maths competition with him almost 4 years ago but I haven't spoken to him since. So I noticed him noticing me and I'm not used to this kind of attention so I would avoid his eye contact.
    A few days ago I had a dream and the only part of it I can remember is him crying because "I don't like him in *that* way", he wasn't talking to me but he was nearby and saying it so I could hear him, I kind of scoffed in the dream but I felt bad at the same time. I realise this is pretty self-absorbed, I'm kind of ashamed aha
    The morning after I had that dream I go into school and see him, expecting the same looks as usual but it's like I don't exist any more, he ignores me like anyone else I don't know. It's weird because it was like the dream I had switched something off?? (I have regrets now because he is beautiful lmao) And also you know the thing if you have a dream about someone, that means they're awake and thinking about you aaaaa

    TL;DR - I thought this guy had a crush on me, had a dream where he cried about me and now he seems to have gone off me

    Not really looking for any advice but it would be cool to see what the rest of y'all think

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    idkwhoiam Hey! I'm fascinated by dreams as, as well as some just being super odd, I think they're a way of processing our lives and airing our worries and concerns. I'm wondering if this guy was looking at you hoping to catch your eye and get a response?


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      Me too I love googling what my dreams mean, this one was so specific though!
      I was wondering about that as well, I felt bad so I started smiling at him again and ended up partly included in a conversation involving him so now I guess he's back noticing me again?

      I would just be more friendly with him but he's one of a few people I can't tell if I have feelings for (let's call him Z), yesterday I saw him in the gym when I went with another of these people (let's call her V) and he looked at me at some point, but I had the feeling it would be unfair to V for some reason, maybe because I don't want her to think I'm straight??


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        I would just be chill and interact with him in as natural way as possible. (Although saying that if I'm a bit nervous I suddenly forget how to stand 'normally' and overthink 'what do I usually do with my arms?') Just allow conversation with both Z and V to develop naturally.