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How depressed am I?

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    I don’t know if I have problems or not. Almost every night I cry myself to sleep. I often try to suffocate myself. I know it doesn’t work but that’s why I try. To prove something wrong. When ever I feel really sad I slap myself, scratch myself and try to give myself bruises.

    I have almost no friends. My closest friend has half a million other friends and I dont mean anything to her.

    I want to know if this is normal or not. I’m so worried.
    Hi Tyler Louise,

    I'm really thankful you decided to share this with us. We all struggle, but many times we don't talk about it!

    I can see that you know that it's probably not the healthiest to be feeling and acting this way. Being able to recognize that is true strength! Asking for help is even more positive!

    I need to ask, are you wanting to die by suicide? If so, do you have a plan?

    What are some other things you feel sad about? Do you think the sadness might come from anger, too?

    When it comes to self-harm (suffocation, scratching, hitting, etc.), we have an article that offers alternatives. It's important to feel in control of your life, but to be safe about it.

    I can only offer so much... would you ever consider seeing a counselor? I don't want you feeling the way you have been. I want you to receive all the help you deserve.

    Is there any family member you trust enough to talk to about some of this?

    You mention your closest friend having a half a million friends... are these in person or on the internet? Do you know her in real life? Or online?



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