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  • Just a thought... Figured I'd post

    I feel from all my past relationships I've lost my confidence and developed some type of sadness that I can't seem to shake off. I almost feel as if I'm not good or even attractive enough for a man. I receive compliments often but even when I know they are genuine I still feel as if they aren't. I find myself okaying a date or activity with someone I know that isn't good for me because I'm lowering my standards because I feel as if I'm not worthy for what I really want. Maybe someone will read this and can relate and maybe chat with me about it. I debated on going to counseling but I feel I'm able to express myself better through writing then my voice. Talking about my feelings make me upset but I have so many things on my chest that I really should speak to someone. Well gn anyone who may have read this. Maybe we can swap stories and advice.

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    Hey Jennybear0314

    I'm sorry you feel some of your previous relationships are causing you to have low self esteem right now. Do you know what parts of your relationships made you think like this?

    Your beauty, and worth are never for a man, they are for you and if you chose to share them with a man then that is your choice but you are enough, right now, you are enough.

    It sounds to me like you are struggling with self love right now, I've felt a similar way not that long ago. I realised I could never love someone else until I loved myself.

    You have to challenge that negative voice in your head, I know it's tough sometimes.

    What are some positive qualities you admire about yourself?