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  • My life is going nowhere

    I have recently been quite worried about my future because I don't seem to specialize at anything. There are many things that I would enjoy as a career or I would be OK at, but I always seem to be either not motivated enough or just not good enough to do these things. I'm worried that I can't excel at what I enjoy and therefore I won't be able to get into a good college and I won't be abe to get a job. My future seems hopeless and I don't know how to fix this. Whether it is improving my skills, getting new skills or just giving up, I am lost on what to do

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    Hello there DiamondNuggetz

    This right here is a worry so many of us have and don't worry it's normal! The avergage person changes career 10 times in their lifetime and that number is just going up and up.

    I've had about 8 jobs already and i'm still young. We are meant to grow and evolve and change and with that what we want to do should change. I would ALWAYS advise you to do something that you enjoy instead of thinking about the job attached to it because if you are learning about something that you are interested in you will enjoy studying it.

    Don't worry about being 'good enough' no one starts something brilliantly - it all takes hard work, time, dedication and just a little bit of patience - we are all rubbish at things when we first start them. What do you enjoy doing? What jobs have you thought about? Don't worry about making the wrong choice, they are each a learning curve and you will pick up soft and transferable skills from everything that you try your hand to.



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      Hi there. I'm new and this is my first post. This caught my eye because I have had so many jobs. I have depression and severe anxiety. It seems like everytime I start a new job, at first it's great! After about 3-4 weeks, I ALWAYS find something wrong with it. I usually always quit, so I always feel like a failure. I also wonder what I would be good at. It sucks.! Thanks for listening.


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        Fadingaway Welcome!

        It's tough to manage depression around working but it sounds like you're doing great and you keep trying new things. I honestly know people that haven't had a clue what they wanted to do until well into their 30's or even 50's.

        Try to take some pressure off yourself and be proud at what you've achieved and the things you've learned from each experience.


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          I've been stuck in this same situation and I honestly don't know what to do.