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  • I don’t think anyone would care if I didn’t exist

    I genuinely believe that no one would care if I exist. My parents feel like I’m a disappointment, my friends just like to talk to me when they have a problem or want to screw me over. I always feel so alone even though I’m surrounded by people

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    Mathgirl hey, let me a person telling you that I care if you exist and I've never 'met' you. Your presence in this world is vital. Sometimes when we are feeling low we can feel this way and while it truly feels very real, it isn't always reflective of how others see you.

    What is your support network like in terms of family and friends? Have you spoken to anyone of them about how you are feeling?


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      Blondie My family knows I went to therapy and that I had a lot of self confidence issues. But we don’t actually talk about any of that anymore. And most of my friends don’t want to hear about any of this stuff apart from two. But one is busy all the time (and I don’t feel annoyed by it), and the other one messed with my feelings


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        Mathgirl hey, maybe try and make plans with the busy friend so that you have something booked in. If you don't feel comfortable chatting to your parents, do you have student support at your school/college?

        It might also be a good move to start building up / widening your friendship circle - are there clubs/societies at your school/college?


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          Blondie There is, but with work, classes and studying there’s barely any time for me to do any of them