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Victim of hate crime more than 5x a day.

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    This is really affecting my mental health and people bullying me more than 10 times a day is starting to send me over the edge, baring in mind that I already have attempted to take my own life 6 times this year alone and I do see a psychiatrist every Monday as I am starting DBT courses but weather they work for me or not I don't have a clue. but I just want all this bullying and hate crime nonsense to stop!, I have already had someone tell me to go kill and hang myself today . People are at the moment sending my nudes around on social media sites and this part is all my fault, I'm worthless and should not be alive anymore.
    Xx-MissChloeJenkins-xX Hey there, this sounds really distressing and I'm sorry you're going through this. It's concerning that you don't feel like you should be alive but please know that feelings can and do change and you are very much valued in the world. If you don't feel safe now and need emergency help then please call The Samaritans on 116 123 (24/7) or you can reach out to your GP or any accident and emergency department. Do you have any plans in place? There is a really useful app that you can access here too:

    We can also try and help you to remove harassing content here:


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