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    Thanks Remi I finally got my sh*t together and told my parents. We talked about it for an hour and I feel much better now. I also went to the psychiatrist (I totally forgot about having apointement, god bless my mom) It was just a formality because of my individual plan in school, but we also talked about my anxiety attecks. She said that maybe I have little of sociophoby (or something like that) and that I'm perfectionist about myself. Only when she told me this I realized that they are right. I expect myself to be perfect and can't allow any failure. I see it now but I don't know how am I going to fight it.
    Anyway, thank you


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      Hey Stygimoloch

      I'm glad you spoke to them and that it made you feel better, we all have a little bit of social phobia, it's what makes us mammals. And yes if you are a perfectionist it can be hard to let go sometimes. Maybe just realise that you cannot control everything and that there is not always an answer to every question.

      Don't think of it as fighting, we shouldn't want to fight ourselves. Work with it, recognise that this is a part of you and learn to work with it.



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        Sounds like a challenge ;D But seriously, it is kind of fight, because whenever I just want to sit down and do nothing, my brain releases that tiny bug in my head that whispers "Shouldn't you do something productive?" Everyone needs lazy-day from time to time, I get it, but it feels wrong for me. Today was nice proof of it - I'm sick so I'm home and except finishing present for my grandmas birthday I don't have any chores. But I feel bad for not studying on exam that is in TWO WEEKS!! That's lot of time, but my mind always finds something to worry about. Not fair at all, brain, you traitor...
        But I guess working on it is the best I can do. I tried to build some kind of daily plan I can hold onto, but I figured out really fast that in our house can something like that hardly work. Anyway, next year I want to try that YearInPixels thing. Also I want to set up some kind of big table calendar and write there every single chore/exam/appointement etc. because holding so many things in my head isn't really comfortable.
        We'll see how it's gonna work