I'm bullying somebody

How do I stop being a dick to people?

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    Hey, what's up. I'm new here. I recently feel like sometimes when I'm angry I get claustrophobic and start getting snappy at people. When I say anything they feel like i'm being extra. What should I do to stop being a dick to people?
    Yes! I totally understand what you mean - I do exactly the same thing, and then I end up feeling super guilty on top of feeling angry.

    With your close friends, you can probably just tell them straight-off that you're feeling snappy and you're sorry if you end up being a bit of a dick - that it's not personal, and you're not trying to be horrible. With people you don't know as well, maybe just try and get a bit of space from them if you feel like you're about to say something mean - like just excuse yourself to go to the bathroom or something maybe, just so you have time to chill a bit, before you snap at them?


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