I'm bullying somebody

I am bossy to my brother. How do I get him to listen and trust me again?

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    I honestly can't think of anything to fix our relationship. I am on my phone right now. Sorry about any accidental errors.
    My brother is autistic and he's so used to being defensive when ​​​​​I pick at him that now when I tell him to stop doing something (for whatever reason) he gets overly defensive and yells.

    How do I get myself to think before I speak? How can I repair his relationship with me?

    My mom suggested telling him my feelings but I'm not one to do that. Also it seems really hard to get him to stop or to do something when I just tell him what I feel like. I'm High functioning autistic and he's lower functioning, but that just means we both have sensory needs that contradict each other. He likes to chew the skin under his nails (he's also anxious) and I can't stand the sound of it. He likes to turn his music loud (my room is next to his) and I can't hear myself think with it on.

    And no matter how many times I ask him not to, he's not going to listen unless I'm bossy with him - even that doesn't work sometimes. That's what I tell myself, but I wish there was a better way. I need him to listen because my parents don't always catch the unsafe/unhealthy things that he does. Hes only a year younger than me, but he acts maybe twelve? Like, thirteen on a good day. He also has developmental problems. Mine are less pronounced. I act more like a 17 yr old.

    Ayway, the end goal is for him to trust my judgment enough to listen, and respect my feelings (when I tell him those along with a question). I would go to my parents but sometimes they need to go places, and if we are always fighting, how can I ever be left alone with him? Also, I want to start repairing our relationship now, before my parents are dead and gone. He won't ever be left alone, not with his impairments.

    I hope someone can help me, and give me some ideas for helping our relationship!

    His name is Ben, btw. X3
    Hey Techy-Nature!

    Thank you so much for sharing. Wow, you’ve got a lot you’re working on. You have your own needs, and then you’re trying to show compassion for/tend to your brothers needs, and then you want to build and maintain a healthy relationship with your brother.

    I think it’s really mature of you to recognize the issues in your relationship, and desire to make things more functional.

    As with anyone you might have to live with, now and in the future, your needs must be heard. You have the benefit of understanding most of your brother’s needs... so it might be worthwhile to come up with some ways to help your brother use more appropriate things to satisfy his needs (things that won’t be disruptive to you, or other’s he will be around). Your parents might be a huge support in this way.

    What you might have guessed is that all this needs to be done at a one you’re not overwhelmed by stimulus. Have conversations with your parents about a plan to modify behaviors is a crucial exercise. Speaking with your brother to try to help him understand why it’s hard for you to concentrate when there’s loud music, etc. requires patience. Having your family as support is really important. You don’t have to do this alone!

    I’m sure your family wants you to be successful—
    and certain modifications would be incredibly helpful. There might be creative ways for you to get your needs met on your own (sound canceling headphones), or practicing phrases you can use to tell others your needs in even the most stressful of situations.

    You and your your brother are a team in helping this relationship work. And you don’t need to be the “parent”— I know you want him to just follow what you say, but if he doesn’t understand and empathize with why things need to change, they never will. Help him understand you! ... but, again, it definitely has to be during a time when you’re not feeling overwhelmed.

    I hope this helps.. but let’s keep talking about it!

    Wishing you all the best.



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