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  • i don't know if this qualifies as bullying? advice?

    i don't actually know if this is bullying but i can't help it and i cry about it and i feel really bad. i have a crush on this girl, we are sort of dating but it's complicated. i annoy her on purpose because i think it is cute when she's annoyed, but the thing is i don't know if i am actually annoying her. i do random awkward things that "annoy her" but she just laughs and looks more embarrassed. i feel bad because she seems upset and i am always the person to lift people up and make them feel better about themselves, but i don't know if i am doing this for her. i call her cute and she know i love talking to her and i like her in general, but i can't help feeling like i am making her feel bad bout herself, even though the only things even close to being mean, i was only just teasing. i hate how i act when i'm with her and i just want to go back to being sweet and caring and funny without being mean.

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    Hey Paperadventures,

    I think you have answered your own question here. You are clearly really empathetic because you are so aware that your teasing it making her upset. The difference between playful teasing and bullying is whether the other person is upset so I don't think she is enjoying it and you are right to want to change this behaviour.

    Why do you think you tease her? Could you apologise and move on from it? It sounds like you really like her so just try and put yourself in her shoes and think how you would feel in that situation and it might help you ease off the teasing.