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is it guilt or something else?

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    last year I was expelled for cutting, my best friend and has been there for me forever I feel guilty I put him through so much pushed my problems on to him. this year we've been great friends I cut my leg up so badly on the bus I asked him have you ever done something that you wish to change and he says everything I feel so bad then he asked me and I told him you can't bring this up talk about it just switch the convo I showed him my leg and I got a wave of guilt
    Hello Bri-Cheese

    You really shouldn't have been expelled for cutting. This is a mental health issue and you should have been supported, i'm sorry that happened. Do you still have urges to cut? Have you tried alternatives to cutting?? I find the most useful is using a red pen on the arm.

    Your friend sounds like a good guy, we all know it's hard when we feel as though other people are supporting us. He will want to make sure you are safe so if he is worried about you, then he may feel like he has to tell someone, to keep you safe. Do you think this was why you felt guilt? You don't have anything to feel guilty for, we all have struggles in life and i'm sure you would do the same back to him if he needed it?



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