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  • What should I do if people are finding out I sent nudes?

    I sent nudes to a boy I trusted and I know in real life and he betrayed me and screenrecorded a vid of me from Snapchat and promised it would stay between us but everyone at my secondary school (go college now) knows as we have mutual friends and go same parties and friends are very close with them and my friend asked if I did I keep denying it as my face wasn’t in it but I’m so upset any advice?

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    ^^^ I knew the guy and his friends are close with girls from my school 😪 I felt pressured into sending him it because he kept asking and my old best friend msg me asking if it was true I kept denying because my face wasn’t in it but I’m not sure if they’ve seen the vid or if they’ve just heard the rumors because the boy has it saved to his camera roll so I’m not sure if he still has it 😭


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      Hello Anon_n

      I'm so sorry someone broke your trust and confidence like that it must be a hard time for you right now.

      Just continue what you are doing and deny deny deny, try and change the subject and try not to get too defensive and they should start talking about something else in no time. You should not feel embarrassed or ashamed though.

      whenever you need to, use this space to vent we are here for you.



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        Remi thank you I will take the advice on board