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    hello , Im facing the problem in colleges students are trying to bully me . They are hate to me because im passed to my all exams and they are fail that its the main problem with that they also hate to us because y he cant fail in exams im alone no one help me how to tackle this situation . Im always ignoring but all time this situation is come under my head. How to forget this .
    Hi BDKD,

    Welcome to Community!

    I'm sorry to hear about the bullying you're experiencing in college... that's not fair that you're being made fun of for being successful.

    I do want to remind you that successful people are constantly judged by others who are not as successful. The most successful people have overcome bullying, and continue to overcome it. It's what pushes them to be more successful!

    There's always a reason why a person bullies, and it's never because of your unique qualities! So, if you can remember that, it will remind you that you're better than being affected by their words and actions. Here's, also, a list of things you can do to stop and overcome the effects of bullying:

    You can try speaking to the people who are bullying you, individually:

    And work on these mindfulness techniques to reduce how the bullying affects you:

    Hope this is a helpful start!



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