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Personal Battles and Myself (You too)

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    I'm a teenage boy who's been doing nothing but struggling just to really get by. I've tired as hard as I can on improving myself, I went on a diet and started working out, and have been tying to be positive and nice. Yet something always seems to have to bring me down. I know a lot of people feel this way as well. Suicidal thoughts, self harm, I can't stay away from the negativity. And just tonight my mom wouldn't stop yelling and cursing at me which in return escalated to her pushing and smacking me, as well as putting her hands on my throat. She wouldnt leave me alone and that's all I wanted. I left and it's been cold outside. I punched a hole in the wall too to make her to leave me alone.. I just can't seem to get away from negativity because my whole family is soaked in it. And they ALL bring me down, constantly. They never do anything for me either. And as of late things haven't been going well relationship wise. Life just never seems to light up for me and I'm thinking more and more of suicide, even though I'm scared. I think I new help but I'm too nervous to get any anywhere else. I made an account just to vent, and this post welcomes you to do the same and if any of you are professionals could you help me and everyone else out? Thanks.
    Hi Cyan, we're really sorry to hear these issues you're experiencing and are here to support you. By way of update, our mentors picked this up at 7am and we are currently working to get urgent help to you. We will be closing this thread, but have sent you an email earlier this morning - so please do keep the conversation open. If you are in immediate danger, don't delay in calling 999.
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