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    Hi! So I thought I was bisexual for a while (maybe because of the influence from my parents) but lately, I'm starting to think I'm lesbian. I'm not sure I'm ready to come out to my parents but, one time they got suspicious and looked at my texting history and I had a girlfriend at the time. My parents are very Catholic Christian people, and I know my grandparents are homophobic. to help my parents not have a heart attack I insinuated that it was just an experiment and that I like guys. I normally tell them pretty much everything, but my mom especially doesn't want to hear anything of it. she sent me a letter before I came home for Christmas saying 'this is a traditional family and we believe in traditional values'. she said if I had any 'big news' she didn't want to hear it yet because shes already stressed about things. So I guess what my question is, is how long should I wait till she's 'ready' to hear it, or is it wrong that she doesn't want to hear it?
    Hey Kiki,

    Welcome to Community!

    Sorry your parents aren’t ready to accept your sexuality yet. That really sucks. But honestly there is nothing to feel any shame about and it must not feel nice that your Mum said it would stress her out for you to share your news over Christmas. It is disappointing she is not ready to hear about you coming out, but one thing I gathered from what you wrote was that she probably already knows, but as you said is not yet ready to discuss your sexuality openly.

    Your safety is a big thing to be careful of when coming out, have you already left home? If so, I would recommend coming out if you feel you want to and ready, There may never be a time for your parents to be ready to hear about your sexuality so it is your choice. Are there any other members of your family - maybe a sibling or cousin that you could come out to first?

    Here is an article about coming out to homophobic parents - give it a read and see if anything there helps.

    Please feel free to use this space to chat if you do decide to come out to your parents and want to prepare what to say.



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