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  • Hi...

    I guess I'm new to all of this. I dont know really what to say. Im going through a lot of person things (as we all are) and just kind of lost and confused. I dont know exactly what i think i am going to get out of coming here... but it was suggested to me from someone and i figure i would give it a go.

    ive been dealing with depression and anxiety for a long time... and never really found anything to "fix" it or me... ive really been struggling the last month. Everything seems to be falling apart around me and i am not sure what to do...

    anyways... idk...

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    Hey Zoey15

    Such a big welcome here from all of us here on Community!

    Sorry to hear that you are struggling with depression and anxiety at the moment. Unfortunately, there isn't always just a 'fix' but what we can work on is a series of tools I can give you to help you feel better day to day.

    I think getting things off your mind can really help so feel free to use this space however you would like to.

    Whats something that is worrying you right now? What is one thing that is going well?

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      Sorry for the response delay... I just kind of checked out from life for a little while. I have a lot of family drama going on... which is whatever... its jusg hard because i take care of so many people but never myself. And then when things get to the tipping point i react in unhealthy ways. The things really worrying me right now would just be the mindset i am in. The thoughts are not good...

      uhhh something going well... i guess would have to be work...


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        Hi Zoey15 ,

        No problem, we all check out from time to time. I'm glad you are back. Sorry to hear that there are some problems with your family. Family tension can be so affecting. Do you have many spaces away from your family that you can get away from it all for little periods when you need to - a club or a friends house maybe?

        That is a common problem for people that are caregivers to struggle when it comes to self care. But, you cannot give from an empty cup. It's really important to take time to look after yourself or you won't be as good at helping others because you'll be burnt out.

        What are the unhealthy ways, if you want to tell me? The important thing to remember with negative thoughts is that "thoughts are not facts" say it aloud to yourself. They don't necessarily have any truth.

        That's good that work is going well as i'm sure you spend the majority of your week there