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    I guess call me Cardigan. Not my actual name or nickname but you know.. Might as well try something new.
    This post might seem a little salty, and I’m sorry about that.
    I’m not really here for one particular reason, but I really don’t know about complaining about my problems publicly. I’m just weird like that I guess. Maybe I’m just looking for some friends? Is that normal?
    I have my dog but he’s really my only form of support. Well there’s my cat too. But you need human interaction too I guess.
    Um... A general list of things that may sound dramatic or “attention seeking”, god I hate when people say that.

    I have problems with self esteem, depression, anxiety and have recently realized exactly how much I absolutely loathe myself. And I’m not very good at hiding it, which may be a reason I’m not a very attractive person.
    I have been bullied from the beginning of middle school and all the way through high school. Some of the reason I feel so terrible now is some of those people have the audacity to try contacting me. After everything they did to me, they want to know how I am?
    I graduated almost two years ago now. Do they suddenly regret it? Psh, sure.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. Though I do prefer talking one on one most of the time, I’ll get used to it.
    Hey there CardiganCorgi,

    I like your name, why the Corgi? Do you love Corgis? They are mega cute!

    You don't seem salty to us, thanks for sharing, it's not dramatic to share how you're feeling it's actually really healthy - a problem share is a problem halved afterall! It is also great you are looking for some friends here, this is exactly what our community is for it's a safe space for people to post, share, vent and support each other on.

    It sounds like you have a lot to worry about right now, a lot of us struggle with self-love from time to time, this is not uncommon. Our research shows us that bullying has really negative effects on your self-esteem - it's important to know that this was not your fault. It sounds like they may have regretted how they treated you, how would you feel if they apologised to you?

    Have you ever tried using positive affirmations to help with self-love?



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