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  • coming out for first time here

    Hi, im Tim

    Pretty sure I am not straight, am 28 (nearly 29) and a dude. This started like a year ago, out of the blue completely; i.e., nothing from the past ever had me being bi.

    im very much in two minds about the whole thing, and feel like their are multiple levels of my self at odds with each other. I have a masculine sort of identity and have come from that background so have a weird self image clash as well (that im coping with pretty well).

    im 29, I have been through a lot of stuff, so this isnt as devistating or rather, difficult as some of the stories ive heard you guys talk about (some of you did this as children, with religious parents, HOW!?)

    No less I want to talk to someone while I grip this together.


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    Hey there Tim,

    Thanks for posting here, we do generally work with people a bit younger than you but i'm more than happy to give you some advice. I think the world is waking up to the fact that sexuality is not only fluid but on a spectrum and that can change and evolve over time. I didn't come out until I was 25 but that was mainly because I was in a relationship with a woman but I hadn't really thought to label it like that ever before. If you are starting to have an attraction for the same-sex now then this is totally normal, is there anyone in particular you like or is more of a feeling you are having?

    Why do you feel at odds with yourself? there is no right or wrong way to be gay or bisexual and there also isn't a "one size fits all" explanation for your sexuality either.

    feel free to soundboard here whenever you like,