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  • What to do when you can't sleep

    Any tips on getting better sleep? Im often awake until like 4am and rn im really struggling with sleep and idk what to do

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    Really great question and something I think a lot of people can relate to. For me, I usually struggle to sleep if I have something troubling me or an issue from my day that is unresolved. This can often be the case for many others, particularly if you are feeling restless. My advice would be to try taking the time out to figure if there is something bothering you. Alternatively, there's a really great guide with our top tips here:


    You could also give meditation a try. here's how to do it in just 10 steps:


    Hope this helps!

    - Harper


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      Thanks harper. U actually reminded me I downloaded a meditation app but didn't ever use it so i'll give it a go now


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        I usually eat lol


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          I recently made myself put down my phone about an hour before bed and not check it when in bed, I know it sounds small but it really did make a difference to me.

          Hope your sleeping better.