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    I was brought up in religion. I was taught right from wrong, that god judges us all and ultimately he loves all. Lately I've had a really hard time believing in anything. I'm 16 and haven't real been a practising Christian for at least 3 years. I consider myself someone who believes in faith and a higher power but I'm also really struggling with how my sexuality goes against my faith. As a kid your taught that if you do something wrong then seek forgiveness and you'll be fine, but why should I have to be forgiven for who I love. If god loves everyone why doesn't he love me.
    Hey SpnWinchester,

    I totaly understand why you feel conflicted with your families faith and sexuality - is this a reason you haven't been a practicing christian? I personally think that if God is love then God should love you no matter who you love and there are a lot of people that think that the bible doesn't say a lot about LGBT in this modern world. Could you join on online community for LGBT christians and ask some of their perspectives on this?

    I think your right that you shouldn't have to be forgiven or feel any shame.

    Sending positivity!

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