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  • Newly Catholic with gay parents.

    I go to a pretty conservative Catholic college. I even recently was baptized and entered the church. What my friends at school don't know about me is that I was raised by gay parents, one of which is my biological father. I never knew my mom because she committed suicide when I was a baby. I was told she had post-partem depression but I suspect that she found out the truth about dad.

    For a long time I felt resentful because I never knew of other families like mine. I rarely had friends over. But I really don't want to hide in the closet anymore. I'm looking for ways to tell my boyfriend and other friends close to me.

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    Hello jillybean

    This is such a heart wrenching and heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I think you have so much to be proud of that you were raised by two loving parents, regardless of their gender.

    There is no 'normal' family - all of our families don't look exactly a like and I think thats wonderful. It would be boring if each of our family make-ups looked exactly the same.

    If you would like to tell some of the people closest to you, just be open and honest about why you kept it to yourself and i'm sure they would understand.

    Good luck, just speak from the heart.



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      Hi @REMI!

      Thank you for the reply!

      I am very blessed to have had such loving parents. I love them very much. That's why I feel bad for having shame and wanting to hide. But something about the situation I was raised in didn't sit right with me. It probably has to do with my mom. Anyway, I will try to tell a few people before I have to go back.

      Thank you, again!