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    We wanted to create this space for people who have stories of coming out to others about their sexuality... we can all learn from each other! So, please, share your stories-- the process of coming out, easy vs. hard parts, "do's and don'ts", advice on what to prepare for, and suggestions of how someone might come out!

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    Hello Willow!
    So far I have come out to a lot of my friends but don't have the confidence to tell my parents yet. I think a great way to start is with a friend that you feel comfortable around and do it in a safe place like school or work where you should be protected. Be ready for rejection and shock from other people. It may take a few days for them to swallow the information properly so let them take their time on how they think they feel about it. You may even get some people to become curious about their sexuality and realize that they are a completely different person than they thought! Another good way to start is on a online group and/or get advice from sites like this.
    Good luck to anybody who wishes to come out!
    ~The Rainwing


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