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I'm confused about my sexuality and don't know how to deal with it.

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    Hello there,
    so I'm new here, am an 18 year old girl from a pretty strict/overprotective/traditional family. I went to an all-girl school and being shy and overweight I never really attract the guys attention in the mixed private tuition I attended which was the only place I was exposed to the opposite gender. My parents are always on my back and super overprotective so I was never allowed sleepovers or going to my friends place and when I wanted to go out with friends I had to answer like 1 million questions about who it was and so on and so forth even if they were girl which made me anxious to do so. So I've never had any experience with guys or girls but for a while now I've been wondering about my sexuality and I'm afraid to try to explore and see which gender I like, especially since where I live is a pretty traditional place where gossip travel fast. Anyway so I was wondering if there would be any way to know my sexuality and am worried for uni since its mixed and I don't know how I'll deal with it with my strict parent.
    Hi Lost Dreamer,

    Welcome to community and thanks so much for sharing that here!

    It’s hard sometimes when your parents are so overprotective - because I guess they just want the best for you but also it can feel so stifling that you aren’t trusted to make your own decisions.

    You say you are 18 now and on your way to university? Amazing news, congratulations! I would suggest that university is the perfect time to experiment with your sexuality. Are you staying at home or travelling away for university? Either way, at every university there is an injection of new people that aren’t from the local area and therefore many more people to meet who won’t be involved in any of the ‘small town’ gossip.

    Do you have any inclination of who you might be attracted to? There is absolutely no rush to figure it all out straight away. So take your time. You may be bisexual, which means you are attracted to both males and females, or pansexual which means that you are attracted to the person regardless of their gender...or maybe another branch on the tree of sexuality. I would suggest just getting to know some new people first and just seeing if any romantic feelings emerge out of there.

    Now you are 18, you are an adult and so you can start to making decisions that are just for you without your parents. You can still respect your parents and lead your own life. I feel university will be just that for you.

    I also thought this article might be of use to you!

    Good luck!

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