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I'm confused about my friend's actions

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    A while ago one of my friends and I started to, I guess, touch each other more. We've been friends for 3 years, but just randomly, we found we were hugging and holding hands more often. We would i guess stroke each other's hands when we felt like it. And one time when we were doing a puzzle in school break she held my hand up by her cheek for a while. I know I was probably reading into the situation too much. I knew I was starting to fall in love with her for a bunch of other reasons. Anyways, I was terrified because I wasn't yet out as bi to anyone but I really wanted to further our relationship. So I decided that I would tell her I liked her more than a friend two days after school ended when I went to her house for the day. But then, two days before school ended she started avoiding me, so I knew something was wrong. And when I went to her house she told me she didn't want the attention I'd been giving her. I respect that and I'm obviously giving her that space. School is starting again in two weeks and I know I need to ask her personally, but I wanted a second opinion. What did she think I was doing? It took her a while to ask me to stop, and I'm just really confused as to why it took so long and why she returned so many actions if she didn't want it. Can you help?
    I just recently came out to my mom so I might not be so much help, but it could be that the girl was questioning her sexuality around you. Another reason could be that she IS into you, but her parents or someone else convinced her otherwise. I would give her space for a while until you are comfortable asking her about the situation. I hope this helped


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