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  • Confused about my sexuality

    I like mens and womens My age 18 years I am nervous be close women I have fear someone invite to date idk if Im Gay i feel myself like Bi and feel most time to Bi characters but i feel like gay this time.How i recognize if im on girls.I crushed on most time on girls a little bit guys.In porn turn on me guys fast and little bit girls.

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    grandma and ingriss pls xD, jk grammar and english please


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      Hey IHATEME1478. We are an international community and some of us are speaking with English as a second language. I know I can't speak 2 languages fluently so lets make sure we make everyone feel welcomed!

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    Hi there,
    I identify as bisexual and sometimes wonder if I'm actually lesbian. I think it's a thing about being bisexual, especially when you've only just started to work yourself out. Like, I haven't identified as bisexual for very long, and from the age I realised I like girls (14/15) to now (I'm 18 and nearing 19) I've only liked two guys, whereas I'm attracted to girls almost daily. Sexuality is a complex thing, and you don't have to rush to figure it out. Also, you don't NEED a label. As long as you know what you like, then go for that. In addition, bisexual people often 'swing one way'. So, like I said, I'm bisexual, but I definitely like women more than men - which is why I often think I'm lesbian, but... I dunno haha. So it could be that you are bisexual, but you like one gender more than the other, which is totally normal. Being willing to experience and experience, too, is a good way to work out what you like. If you're open to the idea of a same sex relationship, and you realie that's what you prefer, then go for that. But also, remember that when you find the right person for you, it doesn't matter your sexuality and their gender, it matters that you're happy together


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      Hello GreenArrowCZE

      The great thing is you don't have to decide. You can change how you feel about men and women as time goes on, sometimes you may be closer to men and other times women. I believe sexuality is fluid and it really does depend on the person for a lot of people. As long as you are being safe in your exploration and keeping an open mind then there is no problem. Is this clear for you?