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Forming relationships when you're Bi

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    So I'm 16 from Georgia and Bi. I came out last year but ever since that many people have distanced themselves from me or seem to get uncomfortable when I'm around, especially girls. I just wish people understood that not because I like both genders means I'm trying to get with them and many times my girl friends think i want something with them when in reality i'm just being a friendly. I don't know what to do anymore at this point it's really caused me to avoid meeting new people because of my fear of being rejected or treated differently. Also the fact when I tell a guy they stop talking to me and I get people have that choice to not date/be friends with someone from the LGBTQ+ community but like what's so wrong for being Bi. I don't understand why people feel that way and it really frustrates me knowing that I really can't do anything about it :/
    ana_c Welcome to community!

    It can be such a big step coming out and for some people it takes them time to adjust and process. You've probably had loads of time to think about it so it isn't always a bad thing if they take a little time, especially if they're valuable friendships.

    You could try speaking to them individually 1:1 so they have a chance to ask any (respectful) questions and you could let them know what (if anything) you need from them in terms of friendship and / or support.

    Remember though, that you deserve friendships with good people who value all of you and not just some parts of you.


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