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  • Do I have to come out to my parents? If so then how?

    A bit of background: I am a bisexual 14 year old. My parents aren't full on homophobes, but they can act a little homophobic. They think that its something weird and that they should stay away from it, they didnt really grow up knowing anyone from the LGBTQ community so this is all very new to them. I don't feel like I would be in danger if I came out to them, but I know that it would be hard for them to accept because of the the way they were brought up. Also, I'm not really sure if I want to come out at the moment as it isnt really affecting my life and I feel like it would be more trouble than its worth. Is there any way I can change the way they veiw the LGBTQ community or is there anything I can show them to help them understand what it means before 'I come out to them?

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    Hello Abbie

    First off, you don't have to come out to anyone before you are ready, especially at 14, sometimes people don't come out as bisexual until they have a same sex partner so don't feel pressured. Try and talk to your parents about the community in general, maybe watch a LGBT film together or share some of the experiences that the LGBT community go through.



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      Thanks for the advice Remi, I've been talking to my parents more about the LGBT community.and they seem to understand it better. However, I'm having some difficulties finding films that feature LGBTQ themes. Do you have any good recommendations? Thanks again,