Easter Holidays – Expectations vs Reality

06 Apr 2019

Half term is finally upon us, and that can only mean one thing right? An absolutely dreamy two weeks of lazing around in the sun, playing football, hitting the shops, sleepovers and maybe even a little holiday with the fam complete whippy ice cream. Well, maybe not…

1) Weather 

Not being in school or uni 100% means that it’s going to be super sunny all the time to an almost scientifically impossible degree right? 


Not so much in the UK. April is one of those wonderful months where a downpour will come out of literally nowhere and ruin your favourite trainers.

2) Work

No school definitely means there is absolutely no work to be done and everything is lovely and free and wonderful and alarmingly like the music video to a Jack Johnson song.


Not really over Easter – revision is everywhere and there are more deadlines after the two weeks than (it seems like) at any other point in the year. Sunny day in the library anyone? Ugh.


3) Mates 

But at least your mates are around to whisk you away for a revision/work break and fill your life with everything amazing again


When they aren’t on holiday with their family, leaving you to suffer alone playing Scrabble with your sister who never lets you win


4) Holidays

Trips away are definitely going to look like an advert for a travel company. There will be sand, sun, sea, fruity drinks and gigantic bags of Lays crisps all day every day.


Equally, that camping trip your Dad had planned could very easily turn into your very own personal family version of the Hunger Games.


5) Money 

So much money to spend on extra easter eggs, new clothes and copious amounts of fancy frappucinos in the sun right? 


Or spending it all in the first two days and being left with wondering around town with your pals hoping some shops or cafes will be offering free samples for your lunch. 


We really hope your Easter holidays are going to be way better than this (they definitely will be don’t worry!)

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