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The chances are, either you or a friend have been abused whilst playing an online game. In fact, our research suggests that up to half of all gamers have been bullied online, with female gamers some of the most targeted people of all. This year, we are proud to join forces with EA Play to Give to take a united stand against sexism and cyberbullying within gaming. We are calling for a revolution within the gaming community and inviting you to join our mission to make games fun and inclusive for everybody. We believe that you should be welcome to play, regardless of your gender, ethnicity, sexuality, a disability or anything else that makes you unique.

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We know that bullying can and does go on to create long lasting and damaging impacts to mental health and self-esteem. Our research shows that 1 in 10 of those who have been bullied have gone on to develop suicidal thoughts, with almost 50% of those bullied telling us it made them feel depressed. As a gaming community, it is time for us to come together and to stand for inclusive gaming for all.

This hub is the ultimate destination to either get support if you are experiencing bullying either online or offline, or to get involved in our vision for a world that is fair, equal and free from all types of bullying.



We provide life-saving support to thousands of people each month; helping them to overcome bullying. We have a team of mentors who provide instant advice and we add new support guides to our website every day. As an independent charity, we are reliant upon the support of others. If you like what we do, please support us by giving as much or as little as you like. We’ll use your donation to help fund crucial anti-bullying support.

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We’ve made it more rewarding than ever to support our work with a ton of merchandise available. Buy any of our t-shirts, hoodies, wristbands or other accessories now and we’ll use the profits to combat bullying. Here’s just a small selection of the merchandise we have available. Click below to see more.

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Welcome to Ditch the Label. We are the leading global anti-bullying organization and the ultimate destination for advice and support if you are being bullied either online or offline. Check out some of our most popular support guides below, or visit our Get Help section to get advice and support.

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Got a question about bullying or have something else on your mind? Join our dedicated online support community to get advice and support from our trained mentors and real people with similar experiences to you.

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