Frances Cannon: Meet the Insta-famous Artist Championing Self Love and Body Positivity

04 Aug 2016

Illustrator Frances Cannon encourages self love and body positivity through her art

Frances Cannon has now amassed over 50K followers on Instagram; she has inspired a generation to ditch preconceived ideals of body image and embrace difference through her art. Tired of the media dictating how women should look, and tired of constantly scrutinising her own reflection in the mirror because of this, Frances decided to use her talent to encourage body positivity and self love. Her subjects are women; real, unedited, empowered women, who come in all shapes and sizes; they have hair, curves, bodily functions, thoughts and emotion. These drawings are a reminder to Frances and her followers, to celebrate their physical form, and not judge others on appearance – ‘loving other women’s bodies is an important step in loving your own!’, she states.

DTL asked Frances some questions, and she answered accordingly, with her beautiful illustrations.

1. What is your life motto?


2. Our research not only revealed that 47% of young people want to change the way they look, but appearance was also cited as the number one aggressor of bullying. What advice would you give to readers who are struggling to embrace their body?

2.23. What makes you feel beautiful?


4. We found that 1 in 2 people have bullied another person at least once in their lifetime. What advice would you give to someone that may be bullying others?


5. You suffer with anxiety – how does that manifest?


6.…And how do you cope?


7. What do you think of Ditch the Label?



8. If you could go back in time, what one thing would you tell your younger self?


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