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I Saw Someone Getting Bullied: What Can I Do?

We know from our work that lots of young people have seen somebody else being bullied.

Here are seven ways in which you can help the person being bullied:

Ask if they are okay or if they need help

By asking someone if they are okay/if they need help, this can let them know that they are not alone. This can give the person who is being bullied, hope.

If it looks like the person is in serious danger or at risk or harm, seek help immediately from an adult that you trust, report it to a teacher, or call the police on 999.

Do not join in with the bullying or watch it take place

This can negatively impact the person who is being bullied. Try and act quickly if you see it happening. You could tell someone who can help the situation, or you could leave the situation with the person being bullied.

Help the person being bullied to get away from the situation

Instead of focusing on the person who is doing the bullying, help the person who is being bullied to get away. Once you are away from the person who is doing the bullying, try to keep the person calm and tell them that everything will be alright. You can do this by telling them that they are not to blame for being bullied. 

Also, you can talk to them about what the best thing to do is like telling an adult. 

Keep calm

If you react angrily or aggressively to the bullying, this can make it worse and you could get harmed. If you think it is safe to do so, maybe you can talk calmly to the person who is doing the bullying.

By talking to those who are bullying, it is important to talk about the behaviour, and not the person. Ask why they are bullying, and tell them that they are upsetting the other person by bullying. 

After the bullying, ask how you can help them

It may not be clear how you can help them, so you can simply ask what you can do to help them and what they think should be done about the bullying.

Be a friend to the person being bullied

By being a friend, you can help them so much. They may be lonely, and by being there, you are giving them hope. 

Tell them that they can get help from Ditch the Label

We are always here for those who have been affected by bullying. If you or anyone you know needs help or a push in the right direction, please do not hesitate to get help from our support mentors here.

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