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As part of the new the Sleek MakeUP Campaign My Face. My Rules. Ditch the Label has released The Makeup Shaming Report. Revealing the attitudes that society has towards those who wear makeup, one of the most shocking findings showed that 27% of people that wear it feel judged for doing so. Yep, it’s 2017 and people still do not feel completely comfortable when expressing themselves.

In a bid to tackle these judgements and the stigma surrounding wearing makeup, we asked a bunch of beauty bloggers the million dollar question…



#IWearMakeUpBecause… “I’ve always been passionate about makeup and since being online I’ve become used to being on the receiving end of comments shaming me for wearing makeup while wearing the hijab. People try to criticise me by telling me it’s a contradiction to be covered yet beautify myself for the eyes of men. They don’t understand that I don’t wear makeup for men. I wear makeup because it’s one of my creative expressions and I’m very passionate about it and always will be.” –

Habiba Da Silva

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#IWearMakeUpBecause… “I wear makeup because it’s an art! I love to push my makeup boundaries over the edge and stand out. I wear it because I love expression and colour. It all comes off at the end of the day, it’s just makeup. I’m proud to be a glazed pink doughnut.” –

Abby Brown

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#IWearMakeUpBecause…I want to look and feel good for myself. I use makeup to enhance my mood and to reflect my personality.” –

Felicity Hayward

#IWearMakeUpBecause… I love it! Makeup can make you ready to face any situation you might be going through. When you look good you feel good! It really does bring the confidence out of me.” –

Syeda Hamila

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#IWearMakeUpBecause… I can create different looks to how I’m feeling! I love feeling confident in myself and beautiful and make up definitely helps me do this.” –

Becca Lammin

#IWearMakeUpBecause… it is an extension of my personality. Fierce, confident and unique.” –

Shahleena Khan

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#IWearMakeUpBecause… it gives me the confidence to walk down the street with my head held high!” –

The Beauty Boy

#IWearMakeUpBecause… “I am unapologetically proud to be a Make Up Junkie, it inspires me to be creative and have fun!” –

Leonore Christa

#IWearMakeUpBecause… it is MY prerogative. I wear it for me and my own enjoyment, not to impress others. Everyone should be able to express themselves however they wish to irrelevant of gender, sexuality, age or race. Be you and do what makes you happy.” –

Monica Barbosa

#IWearMakeUpBecause… I love to wear makeup not because I’m insecure or because I need it.” –

Beauty by Bemi

#IWearMakeUpBecause… it allows me to be creative and to express myself in so many different ways. There’s makeup for whatever I’m feeling – bold, feminine, daring, soft, sexy – and I love the way I can use it to paint a picture of who I really am.” –

Dippy Writes

#IWearMakeUpBecause… “I like to make a statement! The Ritual, the precision and the Power! A Bold look to match my bold personality.” –

Shantania Beckford

#IWearMakeUpBecause… it makes me feel confident, beautiful and unique. It allows me to be creative and experiment. There’s no right and no wrong, its all about having fun and enjoying the process.” –

Hannah Moghul

#IWearMakeUpBecause… I feel ‘naked’ if I don’t go out without a bright lip! Wearing bright make up is now part of me and what I am known for by my friends and family. Make up gives me confidence and it makes me happy. I am a shy and quiet person so I use make up to express myself and show my personality. Make up allows me to be creative because every day I can change my look – if I want to go out wearing a lilac lipstick then I will!” –  

Roxii Hoare-Smith

#IWearMakeUpBecause… it helps me express myself in a way that I truly love. It allows me to feel like my best and most creative self and connects me with others that feel passionate about it too.” – 

Keisha Eke

#IWearMakeUpBecause… it’s allows me to be as free as I want with creativity and life itself.” –

Kris Slade

#IWearMakeUpBecause… to me, it’s the perfect form of artistic, self expression.” –

Helena Gomez


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The Makeup Shaming Report

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