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10 reasons why makeup shaming is BS

You might be wondering what makeup shaming is… Let Ditch the Label explain

It’s when those who wear makeup are shamed for how much makeup they wear. Crazy, I know!

So, yeah, makeup shaming is not cool because we are all entitled to do what we want and look how we want – without any judgment. 💄 💋

Recently Ditch the Label produced some key findings illustrating societies attitudes towards makeup and it highlighted how makeup shaming is sadly a real thing.

In conjunction with our report, Sleek MakeUP have released a global campaign to tackle makeup shaming…

My face. My rules, is a celebration of individualism and uniqueness, with a true love for makeup at its core.

So if you like wearing a bit of makeup, you don’t wear any at all or you’re a total makeup junkie, let’s unite and say makeup shaming is total BS and everyone is free to do whatever they want! End of.

10 reasons why makeup shaming is BS

1. It’s not your face

Put simply – if it isn’t your face then don’t comment on it (unless it’s something nice of course 😍).

2. You don’t have a right to criticise someone’s appearance

This means that even though you may not like someones appearance, it’s not something you’re invited to comment on. Whether it’s their face, hair, clothes – anything, how they choose to present themselves to the world has nothing to do with you. They didn’t spend time doing their makeup for your opinion, they did it for themselves. Trust us, we know.

3. It’s nothing to do with you what people choose to do with their time

This 🙏🏽 Yep, it’s no-one’s business if a person chooses to do their makeup, tend to their beard, paint a picture, play computer games, google funny cat videos or bake a cake. It’s all our own time so we decide what we do with it, no-one else gets to decide that. And FYI, just because someone has different interests to you, that doesn’t make yours right.

4. Makeup helps people feel better about themselves

Yep, we found in our research that makeup helps make 48% people feel more attractive. So therefore, makeup shaming loses, because people feel better when they wear makeup! So leave them to feel good!

5. Makeup is for everyone and anyone

Don’t just presume makeup is for a certain type of person it’s for everyone and anyone.

6. It empowers people

Makeup is such a beautiful tool. Whether you wear a little or loads it can serve a different purpose for each and every single one of us. Here are some great reasons why makeup is fab; it enhances your features, it makes people feel confident and attractive, it’s fun to play around with, it gets the creative juices flowing and expresses our personalities.

7. Makeup shaming is bullying so…

Next time you criticise someone on their makeup decisions, you’re actually bullying them. Remember that.

8. Focus on yourself

Bullying usually highlights insecurities or unhappiness in your own life. So when you’re pushing negativity onto others you might want to take some time to look inside and try and understand what really might be going on. Stop bullying others and start focussing on yourself.

9. Makeup shaming is based on damaging stereotypes

Don’t be old school. Get with the times. Makeup is not just for one type of person… It can be for you no matter who you are. It’s totally inclusive of us all and why the heck not?

10. We should all raise each other up not bring each other down

Because, duh!

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