Our 2017 Research in a Nutshell

22 Dec 2017

Our 2017 Research

We’ve been pretty busy this year gathering research about subjects that really matter. These projects provide all-important insights into various aspects of life for everyday people. If you want to find out about the latest stats on bullying, the true extent of in-game abuse or what people really think about makeup and mental health, read on amigos…

The Mental Health Report

Mental health is inevitably an issue that we at Ditch the Label are incredibly passionate about. Young people tell us every single day about some of the struggles they face and about the unique challenges posed by modern society and culture. One young person previously told us that living with the stigma of depression was often harder than living with the symptoms.

The Mental Health Report

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Makeup Shaming

Ditch the Label teamed up with Sleek MakeUP to carry out some much-needed research into attitudes towards makeup and those who wear it. The Survey included 1084 people from aged 13+ from all over the UK. The report asked respondents about their makeup wearing habits, thoughts and feelings when wearing it and opinions towards others who wear it.

The Makeup Shaming Report

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Gamers Unite

Thanks to this important piece of research, we now know that in-game abuse is more common than ever and sadly considered to be part of the everyday gaming experience. We’re looking forward to working with EA in 2018 to campaign for a better, more inclusive gaming experience for everyone. Gamers, watch this space!

In-Game Abuse

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The Annual Bullying Survey 2017

Our ongoing research provides tangible evidence that we are making progress. The Ditch the Label Annual Bullying survey revealed that although things might be looking up, we still have a long way to go to eradicate bullying and reach true equality.

The Annual Bullying Survey

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The Valentine Report

In the mainstream, sexuality is seen as a binary construct but our 2017 Valentine research proposes a new fluidity scale – as young people increasingly move away from labels. Our research of over 1,000 people also explores the impact of technology on modern relationships and the exploration of sexuality.

The Valentine Study 2017

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