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How to Deal with Burnout

Do you feel exhausted? Are you finding it difficult to stay positive about your job? Are tasks feeling overwhelming? If the answer is ‘yes’, you might be experiencing burnout. Burnout is what happens to us when chronic workplace stress is not managed. I write about this today as we mark the first anniversary of the

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What Actually is Depression?

If you are currently feeling suicidal, find out where you can support here. As a counsellor, I have had many clients over the years describe their depression to me as a deep, dark fog.  Many feel like there is no escape and that they are stuck in this darkness with so little energy to do

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8 Tips for Coping with Winter Blues

It’s the winter, it’s cold and dark, and really not that inspiring. Do you notice your mood and energy dropping in the winter months? If so these tips might help you cope. Light up your day With shorter days it is more important than ever to try to get outside and see the light. To

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8 Things You Can Do to Keep Suicidal Thoughts at Bay

If you are currently feeling suicidal, click here for information on where to get urgent support. Wait Try to decide not to do anything to hurt yourself right now. Sometimes it can help to take one day at a time. If that feels too overwhelming, try taking one hour at a time, or five minutes

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8 in-the-moment things you should remember if someone opens up about suicide

It’s okay to feel scared If a mate tells you suicide is on their mind it can feel very scary. Remember this is a normal human feeling. We want our friends to stay alive and having this kind of conversation can feel very scary for everyone, even me, and I’m a counsellor! You don’t have

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