1 in 3 people are scared they could be bullied online: Here’s How to Protect Yourself

21 Jul 2017

1 in 3 people are scared they could be bullied online…

No matter who you are – everyone is equally vulnerable to online bullying but we can’t run and hide from technology, especially if we want to keep up with our mates.

Nobody deserves to be bullied. If you have experienced negativity online, the most important thing to remember is that the problem lies with the person who is doing the bullying, not the person at the receiving end of it. For more info on why people bully, read this.

If you would prefer an easier to read version click here.

Nobody asks to be cyberbullied either and everyone is equally vulnerable. However, that being said, there are a few preventative measures you can take to make you’re you’re surfing safe online and minimizing the risks…

According to the Annual Bullying Survey 2017 statistics – Instagram is the most commonly used network for online bullying…

Half of staying safe online is just being aware of the potential dangers that certain apps pose and knowing your way around the apps themselves. It’s easy to pick on someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

The main things to think about are:

 Remember that you can remove any comment that is left on your posts
 Always keep your profile to private so that only your approved followers can see them
 Make sure you know how to block someone if needs be
 Use the reporting systems – if something is inappropriate, report it.

You’ll find info on how to do these things on Instagram here or access the DTL Ultimate Guide to Cyberbullying for tips on how to block and report abuse on other social networks.

If it happens

If you do get a nasty comment on a pic or a threatening message – don’t reply! The worst thing you can do is give the person doing the cyberbullying a platform. Replying to the perpetrator of the abuse does just that! Delete that comment, ignore that message, remove that tag – but before you do that, remember to take a screenshot. It’s good to keep a log of events that take place, especially if it is an ongoing and persistent issue. 👍🏽

Did you know you can report cyberbullying to us and we’ll get it taken down from social networks?

The majority of people surveyed admitted to doing something abusive to another person online.

…Stop yourself! when you’re about to post something on someone’s wall or comment on a person’s photograph, stop for a second and ask, “would I like to receive this on my stuff?” If the answer is no, then don’t post it – it really is that simple!

Don’t get us wrong, we love a bit of banter between mates – but make sure you know the difference between banter and bullying. Chances are, if you’re mean to someone online, you’ll get the same treatment straight back with the potential for it to get even worse – stop it before it happens!

Read the report in full:

Annual Bullying Survey 2017

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