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We are a team of passionate creatives, innovators, psychologists, designers, mentors and Haribo enthusiasts brought together with one common goal: to end bullying and to resolve its harmful impacts once and for all.

Dr. Liam Hackett

Dr. Liam Hackett / Founder & CEO (Global)

The visionary behind Ditch the Label, overseeing all of our activity in the UK, USA and Mexico. Eats a lot.


Sue / Deputy CEO (Global)

The one responsible for keeping the Ditch the Label machine well oiled and maintained. Likes to wear hats.


Kat / Head of Fundraising

Responsible for all things fundraising. Our office 'tryathelete' who got married during a marathon.


Genny / Head of Support

Responsible for all things support, safeguarding, advice and guidance. Loves to talk and is pretty nifty with a hula hoop.


Holly / Head of Education

Heads up all of our education interventions and relationships with educators. Surprisingly stealthy at PowerPoint.


Mark / Head of Digital

Heads up all of our digital communications, campaigns & marketing. A little bit addicted to data and games.


Helena / Senior Social Media Coordinator

Makes the magic happen when it comes to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and influencers. Bakes incredible cakes and loves donuts.


Rachel / Senior Features and Content Coordinator

Writes our amazing guides & content for the website. You can usually find her with a carrot baton in hand, and a pot of humous not far from reach.


Courtney / Executive Assistant

Always on hand to keep our office running smoothly and responsible for packing merchandise orders. Best phone voice ever.


Owen / Assistant Features and Content Coordinator

Helps our team write all the amazing content. Professor of cocktails and doesn't stop talking about rugby.


Pandora / Public Relations

Liaises with the media on a daily basis to keep bullying on the global agenda. Whispers really loudly.


Debby / Accounts

A true number cruncher at heart with a love of VAT, payroll and all things invoice. Likes calculators a lot.


Sally / Human Relations

Check back soon for an updated bio!

Dr. Christian Jessen

Dr. Christian Jessen / Chairperson (UK)

Our residential doctor, Christian provides a medical input to our support and provides media guidance. Very tall.

Jarah Koomson

Jarah Koomson / Deputy Chairperson (UK)

Our expert lead in domestic abuse and gang culture, helps guide the direction of Ditch the Label support. Mum to the most beautiful baby.

Sue Baines

Sue Baines / Trustee (UK)

Senior banking leader. Chair of major transatlantic bank’s LGBT employee network, promoting diversity & inclusion for maximum impact with colleagues, firms, suppliers and charities. Exhausted mum of twins.

Rebecca Barrie

Rebecca Barrie / Trustee (UK)

Our resident psychotherapist, working with us to ensure that our interventions are as innovative and impactful as possible. Very fond of a certain independent coffee shop.

Huw Morris

Huw Morris / Trustee (UK)

Check back soon for an updated bio!

Dr. Sheri Bauman

Dr. Sheri Bauman / Trustee (USA)

A leading academic in the world of bullying, education and prevention and helps guide our research. Has a ridiculous amount of air miles.

Rebecca Newton

Rebecca Newton / Trustee (USA)

The queen of online moderation and safeguarding. Helps us grow our support services globally. Looks amazing with a guitar.

Denny Tu

Denny Tu / Trustee (USA)

EVP Global Brand & Film Marketing at IMAX. Born in Taipei, raised in LA, and polished in London.

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