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Report Cyberbullying

Being bullied online?

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Report Online Abuse or Cyberbullying to Ditch the Label

Have you found something abusive online that you think should be removed? Have you previously reported abusive content to a social network and had no response?

If so, you can escalate your complaint to us. We have a team of trained mentors who work closely with the senior moderation teams at most of the leading social networks and we can have most abusive content removed within 48 hours.

Please help us to help you quicker by ensuring all reports and any screenshots provided are translated into English and by providing the URL wherever possible.

What can I report?

This form can be used to report anything on a public platform that you consider to be bullying – such as, but not limited to: nasty comments, abuse, threats, having your personal information shared, hate speech (such as racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia) or anything that is used to defame, purposely upset or harass you.

What does this service not cover?

Ditch the Label treats child protection and safeguarding with the highest priority. This platform is only to assist people in removing abusive content as set out above and it must not be used to share child abuse images (please see report form below). Any misuse of this platform will be reported to the appropriate authority immediately.

We understand how distressing private disputes can be, but we are unable to get involved in private arguments or disputes that are neither public or abusive as set out above. If you are aged 12-25, we can offer support and further advice on our community.

We are unable to assist with hacked or impersonated accounts unless the account is for a child aged under 18.

How can I get more help?

We’ve got a ton of really useful guides and tips when it comes to living your best life online. Check out our Cyberbullying Hub to browse the ways in which you can access our support

Report Cyberbullying Get additional support

Report Cyberbullying

Please provide as much information as possible to improve the chances of having the content removed. We aim to respond to all reports within 24 hours from Monday-Friday, once your report has been received you will receive confirmation via email and we will update you of the outcome of the escalation.

Do not use this form to report crime or child abuse (this includes naked/pornographic imagery and content of sexual nature). If you or somebody else is in danger, call the Police immediately. To report child abuse, click here.

Report Form

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If available, please provide screenshots of the offending content.

Each file must be below 1MB and in either JPG, JPEG or PNG format.

In summary, why do you think that the content you are reporting is abusive?*

Have you taken steps to have the content removed already? If so, how?*

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Wanna talk?

Our community is made up of people who understand how damaging bullying can be and the affect it can have on people’s lives; many of them have been there themselves. If you have something to ask, post it here. Or reply to a question with what you know. Together we can support and empower each other.

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