Uncovered: Online Hate Speech in the Covid Era

Uncovered: Online Hate Speech in the Covid Era

The last few years have not been typical for any of us, not only because there was a global pandemic and lots of lockdowns, but also because of the rise of racism and hate speech. From the Black Lives matter protests, #stopasianhate, and celebrity comments and attacks about transphobia and homophobia. We thought it was really important to look at what was going on online…

We’ve teamed up with Brandwatch to look at 263 million online conversations around hate speech online and see how it has changed since the start of the pandemic. We looked at social media sites, forums and blogs to see how racism and other topics have evolved between 2019 and mid 2021. Unfortunately, sparked by celebrity comments and attacks, we have seen a devastating surge in internet-based hate speech in this time period.

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Headline statistics:

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Trigger warning and content warning

This report contains content that some audiences may find upsetting and triggering. Analysis touches on topics including transphobia, racism, homophobia, sexism, misogyny, and violent threats against a wide range of identities. Please be aware that some of the data presented in this report is uncensored in places. We recommend that anybody below the age of 16 has parental consent before exploring this report.