Makeup Shaming

Makeup Shaming: the data behind the trend.

The purpose of this research is to explore the attitudes that society has towards those who wear makeup; exploring the extent to which pejorative attitudes exist.

In addition to measuring negative attitudes, we wanted to explore the importance of makeup to those who choose to consume it. How does makeup make them feel? Why do they wear it? And how does this differ from the opinions and beliefs of those who are less passionate about makeup?

We have represented the real, anecdotal experiences of young people who have felt bullied or shamed over attitudes towards their makeup consumption, many of which make for difficult reading.

Sleek MakeUP is launching a new global campaign with the aim of tackling makeup shaming. The campaign, My face. My rules. has been created to positively recognise and stand up for everyone’s right to define their individual beauty, without boundaries. My face. My rules. is a celebration of individualism and uniqueness, with a true love for makeup at its core.

The campaign stars Sleek MakeUP’s own consumers, the majority of whom were cast via social media, and showcases their incredible skills and amazing responses to the judgement they face in the world. #MyFaceMyRules

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