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Saffron Barker talks Bullying, Mental Health and Keeping it Real Online…

We’re excited to announce our newest addition to the DTL fleet of ambassadors – Saffron Barker. Not only is she a YouTube legend, she’s dedicated to helping us combat bullying! We caught up with Saffron to get to know each other a little better…

Hey Saffron, Thanks for chatting with us!

So, tell us a bit about why you wanted to become an ambassador for Ditch the Label…
I feel really strongly about bullying and the effect it has on the person experiencing it. I think the more people talk openly about it, the easier it will be for people to talk to someone about it.

You have some pretty hilarious content on your channel which is also super relatable. How do you deal with the pressure of coming up with original content all the time?
There is a lot of pressure but I just try and keep things relatable to me. Quite often video trends go around and my viewers want me to try them. I just try to make my videos ‘my’ version of whatever is trending as well as thinking of new ideas.

Do you ever feel the need to take a break from social media/the internet?
Yes! And I do occasionally but I really miss it so can’t stay away for long!

With such a large following, do you ever get negative comments/engagements from time to time? If so, how do you deal with that?
Yes, I always get negative comments and they are always the ones that jump out at you. I don’t respond and I tell myself that that person is probably unhappy in their own life so feel the need to bring mine down.

Your book is called ‘My Perfectly Filtered Life VS Real Life.’ Are you a different person on camera, than off camera?
I try to show as much of my real self as possible but of course, we all add a filter here and there and if I was having an argument with my parents I probably wouldn’t film it and put that online but I try to keep it as real as I can. I often talk about when I’m feeling down as well as when I’m happy.

“I try to show as much of my real self as possible but of course, we all add a filter here and there”

Why is it important for people to show the difference between the self they post online and more unfiltered version of themselves IRL?
Some people live a completely false life online and build up people’s expectations of them. This is just stressful because you’re trying to keep up with something that you’re not and it just makes hard work for yourself, people will see through it eventually. Keep it as real as you can!

So last year, you took part in a campaign on combating the stigma surrounding mental health called ‘I am Whole’. Why is it important for you to talk about these issues? What does mental health stigma mean to you?
A very close friend of mine committed suicide the year before last and she had mental health issues. I feel that if people spoke about it more and were more open about it, it could save someone’s life. So many people live with mental health issues and are ashamed to talk about it, I want to help people realise that there’s no shame and most of us will go through it or will know someone close to us that is suffering at some point in our lives.

Statistically speaking, almost half of all young people will experience bullying of some kind. As queen of all things teen, what’s your best advice for someone who’s going through bullying at the moment?
If you’re being bullied then you need to find someone to can talk to about it, don’t suffer alone. I would also say try not to respond because that’s exactly what they want you to do.

In an alternative universe where you couldn’t be a bad-ass Youtuber, what would you be doing instead?
In an ideal world, I would love to be an actress or a singer (something on stage!). But in the real world, I’d probably be cabin crew as I love travelling and socialising so this would be perfect for me!

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