Sexist Ads Through the Ages

Sexist Ads: Through the Ages

Oh, the glories of being a woman. Cooking. Cleaning. Waiting for your man. And when you find the time, working on that curvaceous figure that everyone craves. Or was it slim figure? We just can’t keep up. Actually, thinking about it, are we smart enough to drive nowadays? What’s the 411 with that?

It seems the idea of what it is to ‘be feminine’ has changed drastically over years. We need to ‘man up’ and ‘stop being so fickle’. And if the adverts of yesteryear are anything to go by, they weren’t opposed to men abusing their wives if they bought the wrong coffee either… But have things really changed? Join us as we compare and contrast the old and new of seriously demeaning, objectifying and sexist ads.

Your body isn’t good enough.
In the 1920’s we were ‘too skinny’…


…Vs. us all being ‘too fat’ in 2015


The 1970’s gave us cars
… that were FINALLY simple enough for a woman to drive. Phew.


Hey, men! Want to get laid? Buy a car and she’s yours


Us women and our little lady brains, what are we like eh?


At least we knew where we belonged back then!


Under a mans foot, of course!



Or in an abusive relationship?



But at least our husbands could pre-empt our cleaning desires back in the ‘good old days’


Oh wait…


The 1950’s showed us coffee-induced domestic violence…


…And Ford India has kept it alive and well


From the 70’s when ‘innocence is sexier than you think.’


This recent ad from Tom Ford. Just. Plain. Weird.


Apparently masculinity is saving a woman from a gorilla in a river. With your top off.


…Tell that to Brad.


But we’ve consistently understood who our best friend is, right girls?



For the record, we absolutely detest all of the sexist ads shown on this page. What do they teach us a society? They condition us to see women as objects. As slaves. As submissive. Wake up call: WE’RE NOT. We are equals, believe it or not.


The sad thing is, we SHOULD be equal. We deserve to be equal. But are we? Not to society. Not where it matters. We ARE objects, we ARE expected to be submissive. It would be lovely to say that we’re equal, but when it comes down to it, that’s the dream and hopefully the future… but not the reality.

The beach body ready one was proven not to be sexist, because of teh contect of the advert and its audience. Yet the charge was “body shaming”. Again, it wasn’t. The woman in the advert isn’t unhealthily skinny and doesn’t have an unrealistic figure.

The crux of the matter was that it’s – quite clearly – aimed at a certain part of the population (gym wankers)…..oh and they did one with a guy’s body. Nobody noticed tat though and it’s missing here – mainly because it’s patently not sexist.

That said, if you buy those* products, for the aims it promotes, you deserve to have your intellect go unchallenged.

But hey, at least we’re not all scrambling to see “OK, I’m sure this opresses me in SOME way…” eh?

*thumbs up*

[…] Stereotyping is alive and well all over the place. Jokes are being pulled over the fact that a woman captains an airplane, or a female chief surgeon’s ability to operate. In daily speak you hear how women age, while men mature. Advertisement still refer to washing and kitchen as a womanly domain – while cookery shows tend to be dominated by male presenters. Am I wrong? Just take a look at the Top Sexist Ads through the ages 1920 – 2015.  […]

[…] The above image is an example of advertising in the 70’s and can be interpreted in numerous ways. For example, while I passionately detest images such as this, some might not have an issue with them – and that, I think, is where the problem starts. In terms of the picture itself, the ad merely presents a woman lying nude on the floor, looking at a shoe. Harmless? Not when you consider the demeaning connotations associated just for the sake of selling shoes. However, this image is not the cause of sexism. It is simply a reflection of how widely accepted the notion of patriarchal superiority was in the 70’s. (See more here.) […]

[…] Povijest oglašavanja vrvi seksizmom. Nekada su takvi slučajevi prolazili nekažnjeno, odnosno konsenzus je bio kako je i “loša reklama dobra reklama”. Slučaj Saponia isto tako spada u one u kojima su rodni stereotipi odabrani kao centralna točka reklame. Pogreška se uglavnom nalazi u poimanju humora – ono što prolazi kao vic sigurno prolazi i kao reklama. […]

Equal? lol. “Equality” is a pipe dream, you ain’t equal, you’re vagina-sporting, XX chromosome humans. That puts you on a certain page, doesn’t make you “inferior”, just different.
But men, you aren’t, and as men have advantages, so do you. You should embrace your female condition and stop being cretinoid “modern feminists”.

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