What to Do If Somebody You Know Is Being Bullied – Easy Read Version

29 Jun 2018

Someone I know is being bullied… what do I do?

Bullying happens to many people, but it doesn’t mean that we should ignore it. People often think that bullying is a part of growing up, but it is important to always do something about it.

Tips for helping someone you know who is being bullied:

1. Remind them that they are not alone

Tell the person who is being bullied that it is okay and that you will try and help them. Bullying should always be reported to an adult. This could be a parent, teacher, etc.

2. Tell the person that they will need to seek help

A lot of people who are being bullied say things like ‘It will stop soon’ and ‘There is no point reporting it because nobody will do anything’. It is important to encourage them not to do this, as bullying can get worse if left. You can tell them to visit the Ditch the Label website, and you can also link them to the following places on our website to get help:

3. Hang out with them

Try to do things that will make them happy and boost their self-esteem. Ask them what they like doing. You can also tell them that by exercising and eating healthy that this will help to boost their mood.

4. You and your friend can join the Ditch the Label community

The Community is a safe place where you can remain anonymous and still seek help for bullying. Click here to join.

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