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What To Do If Somebody You Know Is Being Bullied

It can be stressful to see a friend or relative go through bullying, but help is available. Read on for our top tips on things that you can do to help them.

Almost half of those who experience bullying never tell anybody through fear or embarrassment.

If you know somebody who is being bullied, it’s important that you let them know that they can talk to you about it. It can be stressful to see a friend or relative go through bullying, but help is available.

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1. Remind them that they are not alone, in fact 1 in 2 of us have been bullied at some point. If you are concerned about their health or think that they may be in danger – you should report it to an adult straight away, otherwise, ask your friend if they’d like you to report it.

2. Ultimately, your friend or relative will need to seek support – it may be a good idea to give them the link to Ditch the Label and direct them to our Top 10 Tips for Overcoming Bullying article. There are loads more resources on the I Need Help section of the Ditch the Label website where you can get tips and advice on a whole range of issues that your friend might be facing.

No one should go through bullying alone. By joining the DTL community, you get instant access to advice and support materials to help you and your friend. 

3. It’s important to spend time with them and try to do things that will boost their self-esteem and confidence. Always encourage them to look after their health through a good diet, exercise and things like meditation and yoga. It is also important that you remember to look after yourself as well and don’t take too much on.

4. Alternatively, you and your friend can join the DTL community where you will be able to access expert help anonymously from one of our digital mentors, or you can post your predicament in the forum to get advice from like minded people with similar experiences.

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