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A Guide to Overcoming Stress – Stress Reprogramming

When you’re going through a stressful situation, it is often really difficult to remove yourself from it and to see everything for what it really is. When there are multiple things happening all at once, it can become really overwhelming and tricky to figure out a way forward. Here’s our guide to overcoming stress through reprogramming.

What is stress reprogramming?

First and foremost, stress is an evolutionary thing – we’re programmed to get stressed for a short period of time to help get ourselves out of a dangerous situation. Back in the olden days, stress was used to encourage a fight or flight response from people if they were being chased by a predator. Nowadays, stress is all around us, but it isn’t good or healthy to feel stressed over long periods of time so it is super important to develop your own ways of coping with stress.

Our Stress Reprogramming system is one that we all use in our own lives and has a really high success rate when used properly. This program is designed to encourage you to look at and deal with stress objectively. At the end of it, you will hopefully feel significantly less stressed and will gain an understanding as to how you can remove yourself from stressful situations.

Download the Stress Reprogrammer

Click to download our Stress Reprogrammer and overcome stress here:

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Or alternatively, download it directly here:

How to overcome stress

The entire exercise is surprisingly simple and shouldn’t take longer than 30-60 minutes to complete. We would recommend doing it with somebody else, but it is equally okay to do it alone.

In the downloadable PDF below, you will find a blank sheet with rectangles and lines below each one. Start by writing, in less than 10 words, in each rectangle the separate issues that are stressing you out. Next, think about the relationship between the things you just wrote down – for example, if you are worried about money and don’t enjoy work, the common denominator is work and so both things are related.

Once you have written down everything that is upsetting you, you now need to go through each one individually and try to come up with 3 things that you can realistically do to resolve that issue.

Once you have done this for every single thing that is worrying you, look back over each issue and evaluate as to how confident you now feel in resolving that issue. If you still aren’t happy, it may be worth getting a second opinion from somebody else. The final outcome of this task will be a strategy to help you overcome your stressful situation.

Stress is evolutionary

We are evolutionarily programmed to experience stress. Back in the day, our flight or fight response would kick in if we found ourselves in a dangerous situation so that we could get ourselves out of trouble.

Nowadays… stress is less helpful.

We no longer live in a world where our everyday survival depends on adrenaline responses. Annoyingly though, this doesn’t mean we are stress-free.

When we are faced with challenges, our physical and psychological stress responses still kick in – and this can become exhausting and unhealthy if it carries on long-term. If you are struggling to sleep, read our six steps to the best sleep of your life.

Understanding stress helps to combat it

This exercise is designed to help you to deal with stress objectively.
If we can recognise what is stressing us and how to deal with it, we can override our stress response and prevent it from getting more serious.

Download our Stress Reprogrammer:


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