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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

It’s a pretty exciting time right about now if you’re finishing school: exams are over, there’s nothing you can do now but wait for results day. You have 6 weeks of uninterrupted adventures, long summer evenings, and quality time with your friends and family before you have to start adult-ing for real or return to school.

No matter what you have to look forward to in September, whether its back to school, off to college or out into the working world, we want to help you enjoy yourself.

So, here are 67 relatively inexpensive but fun-filled ideas to make sure you have the most memorable summer ever. After all that hard work – you deserve it, right!?!

The Ultimate Bucket List:

  1. Go camping with mates
  2. Get on your bikes and go off-roading
  3. Set up a charity car wash (hint 😉)
  4. Experiment with food – try to cook something new and exotic or just order a takeaway in
  5. Go to a silent disco
  6. Camp at a festival
  7. Learn to skateboard or rollerskate
  8. Swim in the sea
  9. Learn a language
  10. Create a website challenge
  11. Make a pinhole camera and create some awesome unique and homemade photographs
  12. Come Dine with Me: get three friends and each make a three-course meal. Vote on the winner.
  13. Go Geocaching
  14. Make an outfit entirely from scratch out of fabric from old clothes
  15. Create a collage of your squad photos from over the years
  16. Make a scrapbook – it’s like a real-life Pinterest!
  17. Build a tree-house
  18. Train for a Triathlon
  19. Make your own tent and spend the night in it
  20. Learn an instrument
  21. Go aqua-zorbing
  22. Make a movie – all you need is a smartphone and some basic editing software like iMovie!
  23. Do a charity run
  24. Start a dog walking business
  25. Put on a gig/concert for all your friends and family
  26. Road trip!
  27. Re-decorate your room
  28. Do a tenner challenge with your mates. All start with a tenner and you have 1 month to make a profit – The person with the biggest profit buys dinner – everybody wins 😉
  29. Go snorkelling
  30. Attend a roller disco (old skool)
  31. Start a band
  32. Go to a comedy show
  33. Read a book a week for 6 weeks
  34. Take up yoga
  35. Organise a massive water-fight with your mates
  36. Try to break a world record
  37. Go to a car boot sale and sell your old crap
  38. Befriend an elderly person
  39. Have a go at mountain boarding
  40. Fly a kite
  41. Have a powder paint fight
  42. Have a picnic
  43. Volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen
  44. Get into local politics – campaign for change
  45. Start a sports league
  46. Go rockpooling
  47. Make up a dance routine – or if you’re not great at choreography – learn a Beyonce one
  48. Try bouldering
  49. Plan a trip to a theme park
  50. Learn to juggle
  51. Create a giant slip n slide in the park with some tarpaulin, washing up liquid and water.
  52. Try surfing
  53. Host a karaoke party
  54. Go paddle-boarding
  55. Write a bucket list – try to tick off as many as possible in 6 weeks
  56. The Paperclip challenge – Start with a paper clip and trade your way to an Xbox One
  57. Get 1,000 followers on Instagram
  58. Go boombox rollerblading
  59. Stay in a caravan
  60. Learn to play poker
  61. Gaming marathon – get your mates together for 48 solid hours of hardcore gaming and snacks
  62. Movie marathon: watch all 8 Harry Potter movies back-to-back or the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings films
  63. Organise a potluck BBQ and invite everyone you know
  64. Make it your mission to actually ‘catch em all’
  65. Write a song
  66. Invent something
  67. Visit a waterpark

Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in our community.

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