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1-in-2 of the gamers we surveyed have experienced bullying in game. As a result of bullying, 1-in-3 self-harmed and 10% wanted to take their own lives.

Not only does bullying impact mental health, but it affects physical health, grades and future career prospects. People are at their happiest when they are free to be their true authentic selves and are fully accepted within their community; regardless of race, gender, sexuality, disability or any other unique characteristic. #GamersUnite

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Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our world-leading research helps us to better understand the psychology and nature of bullying. Not only do we help those who are being bullied, we help those who are doing the bullying to overcome their root issues.

Campaigns, like this one generate real societal changes but we need your help. Alongside pledging to take a stand against in-game abuse, there are 3 things you can do to help us reclaim the internet and make it a better place for everyone.


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We provide life-saving support to thousands of people each month; helping them to overcome bullying. We have a team of mentors who provide instant advice and we add new support guides to our website every day. As an independent charity, we are reliant upon the support of others. If you like what we do, please support us by giving as much or as little as you like. We’ll use your donation to help fund crucial anti-bullying support.

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We’ve made it more rewarding than ever to support our work with a ton of merchandise available. Buy any of our t-shirts, hoodies, wristbands or other accessories now and we’ll use the profits to combat bullying. Here’s just a small selection of the merchandise we have available. Click below to see more.

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1 in 2 of us have been bullied

If you are affected by bullying then look no further for instant help and support. We have a team of mentors available to talk to now on our Community and hundreds of support guides to browse through.

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