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08 Sep 2016

Welcome to the new Ditch the Label.

Since launching in 2012, over 1 million people have visited the Ditch the Label website, with thousands of people receiving support from us each month. In line with our growth and international expansion, we are excited to unveil our new website, which has been built from the ground up to make it even easier to find advice and support.

Our new website has a completely new look and feel. We’ve centred it around community, support and real stories whilst embedding our pioneering digital support programs, making the process of getting support more seamless than ever. We’ve even worked with other leading charities to co-create support materials and resources, so you may start to see content from other familiar organisations on our website, too.

One of the most exciting features we are releasing today is something we call ‘Search and Browse’. We recognise that we already have a ton of really great content, but felt it was a little too hard to find. We’ve developed an amazing new piece of technology which will provide you with instant advice and support based on the situation you’re in. Give it a go and ask our engine a question using your every day language. You’ll find the tool under the new ‘Get Help’ section.

Over the next few months, we will be phasing in some exciting new features and functionality which are currently being developed behind the scenes. This includes the Ditch the Label community, which is anticipated to connect thousands of people worldwide through the sharing of advice and support. In the next few weeks, we will be launching a native website for the USA, shortly followed by a dedicated Spanish website for Mexico.

We would also like to take the opportunity to announce an exciting new partnership with Lynx. Based on our research and expertise, we know that the majority of those who bully are men. We also know that men are actively discouraged from opening up about their emotions and instead, often respond with aggression. To tackle this, we are supporting Lynx’s mission to, quite literally, ditch the labels that hold guys back, freeing them to be their own man, on their own terms.

Our partnership with Lynx is focused on giving young guys the tools and resources they need to say a huge, big, fat no to bullying and be comfortable with who they are – without the pressures and limits of traditional masculinity.

To celebrate the launch of our new platform, we are sending out 500 free Education Packs to schools and colleges in the UK. Each pack consists of 250 postcard leaflets and 20 posters for your establishment. Find out more and order your pack here.

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